Thursday, July 28, 2016

Baby Billy, a holiday to Sydney and the MASSIVE new shipment of faux fur

Last week we had our first family holiday that involved flying with the kids! We decided to celebrate the many July birthday's in our household by spending a few nights in Sydney and doing the touristy thing. The kids were great little travelers and we did as many activities as we could fit into our days while we were there.

Then we got back and it was straight into custom orders again! This little premmie-sized baby bear is 'Billy', and he was made for one of our Canadian collectors. He's made using the same idea as our full size baby bears (with the heavy head, weighted limbs, baby outfit, nappy, rattle etc) - only more petite! 

And then - the day after we got home, our newest, MASSIVE new shipment of faux fur arrived! All of the new pieces have now been added to the website if you're interested in any (there's just over 20 new pieces, I haven't included all the photos here, just the most outrageous!)

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  1. The baby bear has the most expressive face. He/she is just beautiful.