Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Baby Bears

We made triplets this week! How sweet are they all sitting there. These are the first baby-style-bears that I've given our coloured eyes to. I wasn't sure how well they'd work (they do usually work best on the larger, more exotic style bears), but I am actually pleasantly surprised with these three. They do give them a slightly older, more knowing look - but I like it.

These are some progress photos we shared on our facebook page over the last few days.

This big boy would have to be my favourite of the three (if I'm allowed to have a favourite!?) He has just worked so perfectly with his big soulful green eyes and his gorgeous ash-grey mohair.

We've called him Baby Jack Jasper - and his is currently available for adoption.

~ * ~

And this gorgeous lady is Baby Autumn Elise - so named for the season currently, and her gorgeous warm mohair. She also has the startling coloured eyes - this time a deep teal-blue. She is also currently available for adoption. 


Then last but not least, we have Baby Milly - she has already been adopted but I've included some photos of her. She has the most divine mohair.

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