Monday, July 20, 2015


I lost my bear-making enthusiasm a bit last fortnight. I started a heap of great ideas for different projects, but couldn't get them past the pattern drawing stage before I'd get distracted by something else.

So I stopped, had a rummage around my sewing room and found a bear-bits bag crammed full of body parts waiting to be sewn. I recognized our stunning dark brown kid mohair from our 2013 import (that is now sold out), and was surprised to find that I had drawn up, cut out and pinned together the parts for two of our baby-style bears in that mohair. I honestly can't remember when I did that, so I would say it was probably back in 2013!

With a new burst of energy I decided that these two would be the next project. It was slow going as we had a massive birthday/house warming get-together over the weekend that kept us busy, but we still managed to get these guys finished and ready for their debut last night.

We asked our instagram followers and our facebook likers whether the bears should be both boys, both girls or one of each. After much deliberation we went with the pigeon pair.

Meet 'Baby Hamilton' and 'Baby Hazel'!

Name: Hamilton Luke
Born: 19/07/15 
Time: 5:10pm
Weight: 4lb 10oz

Name: Hazel London
Born: 19/07/15 
Time: 5:23pm
Weight: 4lb

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