Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Design x 4

Well... I did say I wanted to try our latest design in some other colours...! This is what I was up to last night (New Years Eve - we party hard here! lol).

Before I am happy to release a pattern for general sale I like to make sure that it's versatile enough to work with different fabrics and different eyes etc. - so this was kind of like a product-trial. We cut out two bears using our long pile imported faux fur, one out of some funky rose-eyelash plush and the forth one from a super dense faux fur with a polar fleece face rather then the faux suede I had been using.

As expected the polar fleece face gave a much more rounded look (he's the face on the bottom left of the bucket of heads above, and the same guy as show below). I like the 'clean' lines of the more rounded cheeks - but you also loose the 'jowl' look that I was originally going for. Out of all the faces I think I actually like the blue/pink head with the smaller eyes at the top of the pile the most for character.

We've had sick kids home with us this week, so it feels like it has taken me an eternity to get these guys done as well. I honestly though I'd have finished bears to show yesterday afternoon - but a full 24hrs later and I still only managed to get 2 of the 4 bears done.

But half is better then none!

This beautiful big guy is 'Willis'. He's very heavy and very squishy and fully jointed.

(This pattern will come with instructions and piece-options to make the bear in either a jointed style or non-jointed. The outward look is nearly identical, with the only difference being the non-jointed bear won't be able to stand like you can see Willis doing below.)

The other little cutie we managed to get finished was 'Wendy'. She was the bear cut from the unusual rose-eyelash plush fabric. It's a strange fabric, and I'm not sure what it's actually manufactured for - but it worked reasonably well as hair for a bear. It is very stretchy though, and you wouldn't be able to make a traditional face as you can't cut back the rose detail without compromising the integrity of the fabric. So really - this design was perfect for this type of fabric!

Her belly was cut from our wiggly 'Maltese Cream' faux fur, and her face, paws and inner ears were cut from our 'Bright White' faux suede. (We've actually just re-stocked a lot of the faux suede colours that had sold out too).

Wendy is also currently available. 

We plan to have the other two bears completed tomorrow. All going well :)

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