Friday, November 21, 2014

the turquoise wall

You'll notice a bit of a theme with the following photos... Before we physically moved into our new house I spent 24hrs there painting some feature walls to brighten the place up a bit and make it feel more like home. One of my all time favourite colours is this stunning teal/turquoise shade. It has also made for a pretty backdrop for some of my more recent photos. Though, I think the lighting does leave a little to be desired. But you get the idea!

This stunning girl was a custom request. Her new mum called her 'Cassie'. She was made using our 'Kanoa' pattern and a piece of dense traditional gold mohair

Later in the week I was working on another custom order for a non-jointed bear, but had a bit of a brain melt. The bear was nearly finished before I realised I'd been working on autopilot and HAD jointed the bear! Rather then pull a perfectly good critter apart, I decided to just make another bear and this time pay attention and use my non-jointed bear technique.

I turned the first, fully jointed teddy into a fluffy bunny - complete with cute little bunny tail. Her name is Daphne and she is currently available for adoption in our etsy store.

We used our 'Bubblegum' pattern to create Daphne and her bear-friend, with just a few slight alterations to make the whole face white (and I drew up some bunny ears and a tail as well).

The purple/blue faux fur is our stunning (and VERY popular) 'Island Sunset' fabric. It is a delight to work with and is selling fast.

And lastly, the lucky winner of our 2014 giveaway was Jenna Mappley from the UK!

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