Friday, August 29, 2014

Three little owls

These three little owls were the projects for this week. Completed around many many hours of house hunting!!! (We are trying to find a new property with enough space to handle our ever expanding fur fabric supply business Fur Addiction, as well as our two active kids and two destructive dogs!!!).

But despite the distraction, I am quite proud to show these guys off. They've all been made up in our 'Barn Owl' pattern, but the white one has mohair for her head and belly (unlike the original), and the other two are made using some of our imported faux fur fabrics.

The white owl (Halo) is sold. As is the purple owl (Hadley). But the black/red owl (Hagar) is still available. 

Halo was made using our longpile white mohair 'Eddie' and our feathered faux fur 'Golden Peacock'. 

Hadley was made using a mix of our 'Island Sunset' tipped faux fur and our 'Amethyst Sparkle' purple/silver effect faux fur. (This one is my favourite! You can easily make her yourself as well  - the pattern and fabric are available in our store).

And Hagar is made using our red 'Cherry Bomb' faux fur, our jett black 'Ace of Spades' faux fur and the 'Golden Peacock' faux fur again. It really does work so well on the owls!

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  1. I love them! I am not surprised the white owl sold quickly, he looks quite realistic.