Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Custom rainbow Dragon - Parisa

While we were making the dragon duo from our last post, we were also finishing up this stunning custom rainbow dragon for a special collector. She is made in the last piece of our very vibrant hand-dyed rainbow sparkle mohair, a pair of our HUGE handpainted glass eyes in rainbow effect (I tried SO hard to get an accurate detail shot of these eyes, but my camera was just not up to the task!), and some pretty scalloped print cotton for her belly and paws (that was too perfect as dragon scales not to use!).

I was careful to lay her pattern pieces so that hald of her was purple/pink/orange...

... and the other half was more blue/green/purple. I think the effect is actually really cool - and almost leaves you with two different dragons depending on how you display her.

We called her 'Parisa', which means 'like a fairy' - seemed appropriate with her gorgeous shimmery wings and her floral head detailing. And those eyes!

Parisa is adopted, as is the little mini dragon Eleri - but Torvald (the electric blue dragon below) is currently available in our etsy store.


  1. You did a great job. I love her eyes, she looks very friendly.What fantastic colours.
    I have just received my magazine with your article in it. Congratulations.
    Hugs kay

    1. thanks Kay! I'm actually yet to read that article myself! lol

  2. Beautiful, how much are you selling them for?