Friday, November 9, 2012


Mark and I were packing orders one morning last week when Mark had the brilliant idea to do up a christmas bear this year making use of our red (Cherry Bomb) faux fur. 

His original idea (according to him AFTER I came out of the sewing room with this big guy) was for a bear with a read head, legs and arms, and just a white belly. Somehow in between the original discussion and laying out the pattern - I transferred that to just a red head, and a white body/limbs!

I must say, both of us were a little unsure about how he would look when all finished. It didn't feel like we'd used enough 'red'. But I'm actually really happy with him. I love his big dark face, the glittery tinsel collar and the bright white body. The velboa on his paw pads is the exact same fabric we used to hand-sew his hat too - so the lighter red is tied in. I think if we'd done his arms and legs in red too he would have looked more panda-like (which isn't always a bad thing... and an idea we'll tuck away for another day! lol)

He's a big boy, standing in at just under 20" as we made him from our largest pattern available for sale. We wanted to be able to provide a limited run of kits for him as well because we totally understand that not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on bears - especially at christmas! 

So we made sure to purchase enough of this awesome tinsel and the red christmas bells, along with whipping up enough handmade santa hats ('human' santa hats were just a little too big for him - plus it gave us better control over the quality of the fabrics/shade of colour. These hats are actually trimmed with our 'Fluffy Cloud' faux fur - which works perfectly for this project). 

This meant that we could offer four (4) complete kits for Rudolf

We now only have 3 kits left. Even Rudolf himself has found a new home! 

So do let us know if you'd like to have a go at making a big, cuddly christmas bear yourself this year. He really is something a little different :) 

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