Sunday, November 11, 2012


We're currently in the process of putting together another order for faux fur for our Fur Addiction store, due to arrive in early 2012. We thought we'd sample more of the white/silver sparkle fur that was so popular this year (so much so that we sold out by Aug),  but this time in brighter colours.

This little lady was the result - Lime Green and Hot Pink combine to make eye candy in bear form!

Lotus is also made from our FREE blog pattern.

We've decided to make her available not only as a one of a kind finished bear, but also as a limited run of 7 kits. We've painted up a batch of extra 12mm glass eyes in these deep shimmering emerald tones and gathered up the last of this awesome fur we currently have in stock. The only aspect we didn't have enough of  to add to the kits was the ribbon used to create her funky ruffle collar. Lime green and pink are a pretty popular colour match up though, so I am sure there would be local ribbon/print fabric available to most crafters to create their own unique collar. 

That way you will know that your 'Lotus' will be distinctly yours as well! 

The Lotus Kit eyes. Such a beautiful colour!

And the FREE pattern we used for Lotus. This makes bears that stand in at approx 12-13" tall, so really is a great one for beginning to make bears. Not too big that you need to take out a mortgage to buy the materials, but not so tiny that you need a magnifying glass to see what you're doing! lol 


  1. Огромное Вам спасибо!!!

  2. wow! she is amazing! hope you've been well. going to try to get back to blogging now! huggs!

  3. Вот это да! Первый раз вижу такой прикольный)))

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