Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mountains of Mohair have arrived!

After many many emails, (and much waiting) our new mohair shipment has finally arrived from Germany!!! 22 different rolls - matted piles, Tipped piles, Contrasting colours and KID MOHAIR!!! Mark and I have been busily unwrapping, cutting and photographing all weekend.

We ran out of creativity with the naming of the pieces, so had a little competition on our facebook page. We had some really awesome suggestions and all pieces are now named appropriately!

 You can find them all in our etsy store or here on the blog (you might have noticed the new pages in the top bar). We've added 'Buy It Now' buttons to each piece to make ordering as easy as possible.

While we were busy making paypal buttons for the mohair we thought we'd add the new faux fur range on their own page as well.

And then, just because we could, we thought it might be nice to do the same thing with the 'Available Bears' page! So everything is all up to date for your browsing pleasure once again!

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