Sunday, August 26, 2012

A little local doll and bear show

A few weeks ago Mr Fur Addiction/ Emma's Bears (Mark) stumbled across a local doll and bear show being organised for this weekend in one of the community halls. It was literally a 5min drive away from us which meant that we could do it without needing to book accommodation or find babysitters for the kids! 

So we did a last minute booking and secured a table. Then I went to work trying to get things ready. 

I made a BRIGHT pink sign using our 'Coconut Ice' faux fur. 

I stayed up til midnight most nights last week cutting, rolling and tagging mohair! (but seriously, how pretty do those piles look!) 

And then the day arrived! We did a practice set up at home, but weren't 100% sure on the table width. So we kind of just guessed! Thankfully we got it pretty accurate and all our bits and pieces fit. 

There were LOTS of doll stalls, lots of reborns (and lots of people pushing them around in prams or cradling them as they walked around the hall... I so wish I'd asked to take a photo! One of them was so real it was actually moving while carried!!)

We had an excellent spot on the back wall so we could watch all the comings and goings. This was my view tucked up behind the bears. 
We sold a few items, mostly fur and kits. But I chatted to so many lovely people and made some new friends/contacts with the traders around our table. 

I fell in love with this bear on the Charlie Bears table. I spent all morning watching people pick him up and ooh and ahh over him.... all the while thinking 'NO! He's mine!'. So when we had the lunch time lull in visitors, I slipped over to the table and adopted him! I don't have many Charlie Bears in my collection, preferring one of a kind bears - but there was just something about his cranky little face! 

Right at the end of the day the lady on the table next to us (Threadbears by Georgie Threadgold) and I did a swap - this stunning bunny for some of our mohair pieces. Isn't she just cute as a button. It did kind of defeat the purpose of going to a bear show as a trader... but I just can't get the collector blood out of my system! lol 


  1. Love your new bears you have to put in your Hug. Especially Threadbears. Your stall looks so good.

  2. It all looks pretty good to me to Emma. I think the doll that actually moved was a real baby.;-)

  3. Wow, I wish I could come this time! But I didn't find any accurate information about the date and time... may be next time :)
    Your new bear and bunny are so cute!