Thursday, July 19, 2012

Show Bears.

Seems crazy to me that it's nearly been a week since the Friends of Teddy online show started! Goodness time has flown by. I had all these plans to get photos uploaded here of the bears/critters we made for the show while it was still running... but that didn't happen! 

But, better late then never! And we have some still available too, so if you are interested there's still a chance to adopt one. 

Eliana was our lady elephant in one of our mohair fabrics 'Porcelain Frost'. This has a creamy pile with a subtle blue tip. A really pretty and unusual effect, and perfect for aged style teddies/creatures.

Eliana is now sold.

This is Eliot. The boy partner to our lady elephant. He is made from our custom colour mohair 'Emma's Grizzly' (which we've currently sold out of!). This piece is a rich chestnut with a blue tip. Which worked wonderfully with the blue cotton print inner ears and paws. 

This big crazy guy is 'Tarzan', our first gorilla attempt - made from our 'Ace of Spades' faux fur. We took elements from our orangutan design to achieve this big boy. Gorillas have a slightly different face - more prominent nose, heavier eye brows etc. He's still definitely 'cartoon style', but recognizably 'gorilla' at the same time. 

And this is the lovely 'Tertius' our Orangutan. We've made a few like this now, but I think Tertius has to be my favourite. He got lots of facial shading, pulled fingers and toes and looks right at home with a banana cradled in his lap. 

Then we had a little trio of guinea pigs! I have to admit that I do love making guinea pig plushies. It stands to reason when I consider just how much of my life is spent with these little guys (check out our guinea pig blog if you're not quite sure what I'm on about!?). We had two over-sized long haired breeds with a Peruvian and a Sheltie. And we had a mohair version of our mum and bub 'babushka' style family of pigs. 

Petra, Shakira and Roxanne are currently available. 

Then lastly, because I realised at the last minute that we probably needed a bear for the bear show - we made the gorgeous 'Zelda'. She is made in the last piece of this stunning zebra-print Tissavel faux fur that we had in stock. 

I seriously wish you guys could reach into the screen and feel this girl - it is seriously unbelievably soft! Like thick, puffy silk on your hands. AND - I'm loving the feet! I wanted just a touch of colour on her toes to help set off her lovely painted eyes. So we added some blue Inktense dye with a touch of acrylic 'diamond' (glitter sparkle). She also has a touch of sparkle on her nose too! 


  1. Love your first Ellie, she is so cute

  2. Can I ask a question? I want to make a mohair cat. I need to add whiskers, I would like them to stick up a bit, not be super floppy.
    I was thinking maybe waxed embroidery thread, but I think they will still be too floppy.
    Do you have any tips on what I can use for good whiskers for a cat about 8-10 inches tall (semi small) thanks
    xxx Lorraine xxx