Sunday, July 1, 2012

Duke and Duchess

So this is what we've been up to during the week. And I must say that I'm actually surprised at how well these two came out. 

This is a classic Emma's Bears pattern (and can actually be purchased here too if you'd like to have a go at making one too), but the first time we've attempted it in these fabrics. 

Duke is made is a mix of two very short pile mohair pieces. One in a ginger/brick gold, and the other in a wheat/honey colour. This short fur shows off the curves/shapes of this pattern so beautifully that I think I actually prefer Duke to the fluffier Duchess.

The awesome, and slightly spooky Russian hand made eyes are a special addition too. I've only got a few pairs of these eyes left now. I'd actually forgotten that we had them in our stash!

Duchess is very pretty in her longer pile, frosted mohair. I love how the extensive shading on her face gives a focal point for your eyes. I find that I get drawn to her nose first, then fixated on her startling eyes (also Russian handmades).

The smooth curves of the pattern are a little lost under all of Duchess' fur, but I do love the soft look and feel she has. Both bears have been fully wobble jointed too (two cotter pins interlinked to create a greater degree of movement freedom), so the heavy stuffing, over-sized head and gorgeous fluff on this girl mean she's an experience to hold as well as look at.

Duchess is available Here, and Duke is available Here. Or they can be purchased together. They do look so lovely leaning together like they were in the first photo. I think that is how they'll stay until their new home comes along...

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