Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Resemblance (again!)

I have mentioned this before here, but at Mum's place last night we found the little outfit my younger brother was wearing in that photo there (as Chelsea had gotten her nice white PJs FILTHY crawling around the house and playing in the dog bowl...)and dressed her in them to see what she looked like. My younger sister is holding the photo of my younger brother, and Chelsea is sitting next to it.

HOW FREAKY IS THAT! I can't stop looking at this photo (click on it to make it full-size)! Same eyes, same eyebrows, same hair colour and jawline and very similar nose... it is truly amazing how genetics work!

My younger brother is now 18 and looks VERY different! But people did always say that he and I looked a lot alike... so maybe there is more of me in her than i thought :)

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