New Faux Fur

We currently have rolls and rolls of stunning faux fur. 
Each of these pieces can be cut in sizes from 1/8m pieces (35cm x 50cm) up to bulk orders of 25meters x 150cm wide. 
Please contact us if you'd like a bulk price ( 

15mm Black/Pink Tips Pile

45mm Multi-tonal Pink Pile

10mm Pink/Grey Pile

'Arctic Wolf'
60mm White/Black tipped pile


75mm Gold/Black and White Feathered Pile

10mm White with Chocolate Tips Swirl Pile

'Vanilla Yeti'
60mm Shaggy Cream Pile


10mm Soft Textured Wheaten Pile

60mm Blue/White Pile

30mm Choc Brown/Dark Choc Tipped Pile

25mm Creamy White Pile

25mm Creamy White/Choc Tips Pile

25mm Cream/Choc Tipped Pile

50mm Red/Black pile

45mm Slate Grey/White Tipped Pile

*** nearly sold out ***

20mm Milky White Pile

55mm Black Pile

*** Nearly Sold Out ***

100mm Turquoise Mongolian Pile

80mm Curly White Mongolian Pile

80mm Curly Pink Tipped Mongolian Pile

100mm Long White Mongolian Pile

50mm Tan Tipped Pile

55mm Three Tone Realistic Pile

45mm Purple Sparkle Pile

45mm Pastel Rainbow Tipped Blue Pile

45mm White Silver Sparkle Pile

50mm Bright Rainbow Stripes Pile

35mm Bright Orange Pile

35mm Bright Green Pile

50mm Pink Tipped Blue Pile 

35mm Hot Pink Pile

35mm Royal Purple Pile

45mm Red with Silver Sparkle Pile

45mm Deep Blue with Silver Sparkle Pile

35mm Pink with Choc Guard Hairs Pile

35mm Bright Blue Pile

45mm Bright Yellow with Silver Sparkle Pile


  1. The gorgeous luxury red faux fur fabric is one of the top of the line fabrics that looks & feels just like real fur. The fur of this fabric is incredibly soft.

  2. This article is a must-read for anyone who's passionate about fashion and sustainability. I have been gradually transitioning to using more faux fur in my designs. If you're as excited about faux fur fabric, you'll love what Ice Fabrics has to offer, as a leading provider of premium fabrics, visit today and embark on your journey to create stylish, cruelty-free.

  3. As an advocate for ethical fashion, I believe that real fur is unnecessary and cruel. With advancements in faux fur technology, there are numerous high-quality alternatives that offer the same luxurious feel without harming animals. Supporting sustainable and compassionate fashion choices aligns with modern values and promotes a more compassionate society. Let's embrace alternatives like faux fur and prioritize the well-being of animals over outdated practices. AMIFUR can lead the way in promoting cruelty-free fashion.