Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A quirky batch of bears - Ediths, Sigmunds and Ralphs

Earlier this year we imported some new Schulte mohair that had an unsual double thick pile - giving the fur a very unique texture. We dyed most of it up into rainbow colours, but held back a little to try some more neutral, softer colours. The result of which was three similar pinky/beige/mushroomy type colours. We decided to combined the three colours and make a limited edition 'family' of quirky bears.

I had been working on them in little bursts of time in between other bear orders for a few months now, but finally had a chance to sit down and get them completed this week. These cute little critters were the result!

We have three sets of two - Edith and Edith Jnr, Sigmund and Sigmund Jnr and Ralph and Ralph Jnr.

A few have already found their new homes, but you'll be able to see who is still available by visiting our main website. 

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