Monday, September 25, 2017

Paris and Diva - and some new hand-dyed mohair

These little cuties were completed last weekend using some of our hand-dyed super curls mohair. The cream and purple colours were experimental dye-blends we did during our last rainbow-dye batch. We loved the colours so much (and so did you guys!) that we did another pot-dye batch this week to try and produce some more unique colour blends like these.

You can see some of the colours below, or you can check them out on our website (be quick, there's literally only ONE of each piece you see below!).

These little bears have now found a new home, but we hope you enjoy their photos. You can see how much the colouring changes depending on where the bears are photographed too. I think the 'truest' colour is when they're in the sunlight :) 

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