Friday, January 13, 2017

Autumn Leif - the Baby Dragon

This fortnight we've been drawing up and cutting out the next 2 months worth of bears. So there hasn't been a lot to show for the hours of work put in. We decided it would be a good time to get one of our more unique projects completed though, to break up the repetitiveness of draw, cut, pin, repeat!

And so this little guy began to take shape. This is our Baby Dragon design, made using a piece of hand-dyed mohair we set aside around 18months ago (We have a whole new batch of hand-dyed rainbow mohair we've just added to the website too, if you wanted to see what was there for making your own dragon. I've been meaning to make a dragon using this pink cotton fabric in our store for nearly a year now too - I think the pattern would look just like little pink dragon scales!).

We paired the hand dyed mohair with a pair of handmade leather dragon wings we had custom made for this project about 16months ago, and some vintage-looking floral quilters cotton that tied all of the colours together.

We decided to give this dragon tiny horns (this was part of the original baby dragon concept, but our last dragons didn't have them), and hand-painted them to match the unique mustardy-green of the mohair.

And this was the end result. We called her 'Autumn Leif', and she has now found her new home. We do hope to have another dragon completed at some stage during 2017... we just can't say when! lol

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