Monday, June 13, 2016

Winter Wonderland Doll and Bear show - Brisbane 2016

A few photos taken during the Winter Wonderland Doll and Bear fair held in Brisbane this weekend just gone. This was our second year trading there, and we splashed out and ordered and extra big space this time! It was so long I had to use the panorama feature on my camera to get the whole table in the shot (which is why the table looks like it's curved! lol)

We had a faux fur stand with a sample of our range in the fur fur colours/pile types - plus a tub full of faux fur offcuts which proved very popular!

We made some example kit-bears just for the show - which included the owl you can see on the stand there (Lofton), as well as the little panda (Zippy) and the larger panda (Wilkie). All of the critters from the stand are now sold, but if you click on their names you'll be able to purchase a kit for them to make one yourself if you're feeling that way inclined :)

We dyed up a massive batch of gorgeous mohair last week in anticipation for the show as well - which just so happened to end up being a near full spectrum of rainbow tones! All of the remaining hand dyed rainbow fur can be found on our website (we even have some curly kid mohair and some long curly 40mm Schulte mohair in there as well!)

This is Zippy with his kit. He is such a cute little bear - and a great beginner teddy!

And because we had so few bears of our own to bring (having sold out during the eBear online bear show the fortnight before), we decided to bring all of the available Orphan Bears too (bears made by other artists from all over the world). A few managed to find new homes, but there are still some stunning bears still available.

 (and on the Sunday, my gorgeous little sister Lilly came along to help me again. She is just the most gorgeous thing!)

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