Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our very first Tiger-teddy

We had a custom request a few months ago to create a tiger/teddy bear. It was time to complete that order today - and so this is what we ended up with!

The order was to make the bear in the same chubby style as our 'Willa/Attila' design, and originally we had thought we'd use a short, plush faux fur. But when it came down to it - this mohair combo looked like it would work the best. 

He looked a bit lion-like at this stage, which was good because I knew I was on the right track. We just needed to get those stripes on there, and I was sure a little Tiger-teddy would emerge. 

And emerge he did! Meet 'Azai' - named by his commissioning collector. He has been adopted, and will be on his way to the UK first thing in the morning :) 

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