Monday, August 3, 2015

Elephants - Fern and Norah

Last week, in between dyeing up mountains of rainbow mohair, we got to work on a couple of elephants! This little lady is 'Fern', and she is made up in our hand-dyed viscose in two shades of green. We gave her a sweet baby-blue satin ruffle (which is hard to see in the photos thanks to her generous nose!) and a little 'hair clip' of flower buttons!

Fern is now adopted. But the pattern for her is just our 'Fizz the Elephant' pattern reduced to 80% before printing it out, and you could try making her in some of our other viscose colours - they all come from the same dye batch so would work quite well together I imagine :)

And then we had this little lady. Would you believe that she is made from the exact same version of our elephant pattern as Fern?! This too is our 'Fizz the Elephant' design at an 80% reduction. She looks so different because her mohair is quite a bit longer and we've set her ears up nice and high. Just playing with the position of the ears on this design gives a totally different look - it is so versatile!

We don't have any more of this exact mohair left, but the closest pieces in stock right now would be either our soft gold 'Bodie' mohair, our white 'Bianca' mohair, or even a piece like this hand-dyed 'Unicorn Candy' mohair would work to give a similar tufty/curly look.

Norah is adopted, but if you do like the look of her and would like a creation of your own, let me know. (It can't be exactly the same, but if you're willing to be open minded there are endless possibilities out there, I am sure we could come up with something just right for you!).

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