Sunday, February 8, 2015


I decided that I was feeling a little overwhelmed by custom orders on thursday - so while waiting for a colour choice answer from one of our customers, I decided I'd work on a bear I wanted to make just because :)

And this was the resulting lady. We called her 'Talora', which means 'morning's dew'. She is made from a piece of dense mohair hand-dyed in our latest turquoise batch. She is our 'Belarius' design - but stuffed in homage to our reborn-style baby bears with the weighting dstributed throughout her body/limbs and head. She is an older child though, caught playing dress ups with her mother's jewelery box, so she can sit upright.

Her gorgeous dress was a size 00 baby outfit that we dip-dyed in coffee to give the edges that sweet aged look. We chose to embroider her nose in a matching turquoise too as it seems to soften the face a bit more then a stark black nose. And her eyes were given expressive almond-shaped sculpted lids to add to her feminine appeal.

All up I was really happy with this big girl. She has found her new home now as well.

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