Sunday, April 20, 2014


We're officially back making bears again now, and it feels good! 

It has been about 3.5wks since Zander's birth and my energy is improving every day. I even managed to take the dogs for a walk yesterday (granted it was only 2.5km around the block and took me nearly half and hour!). 

This is our newest bear. I wanted to try and showcase his amazing mohair by trimming back his face to reveal the backing colour and the lighter pile under the chocolate tips. The mohair is actually a small piece we ordered in as part of our last German imported shipment. We held it back, saving it for a special project - and Hugo was the result! 

I've cut the remaining mohair into useable fat 1/4m pieces (approx 50cm x 70cm) for sale on our website. We used our 'Lyric' pattern for this bear as well if you wanted to try making your own version of Hugo (a 1/4m piece is perfect for making that pattern). 

Hugo is 16" tall, fully jointed and stuffed with polyfill and steel shot. 

He looks out through a pair of our handpainted glass eyes that we also sculpted some polymer clay eyelids onto. I chose a light coloured faux suede for his paw pads to bright out the lighter coloured mohair pile a bit more, and it has served to help highlight his fluffy cheeks too which is a bonus!

We kept the shading to a minimum and embroidered some good old fashioned classic 'claws'. And finished him off with a simple blue satin bow. 

Hugo is currently available for adoption as well, and would make a lovely addition to a traditional teddy collection, or even as a room decoration for a lucky little boy.