Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bear and Bunny Blue

I've had a 1/2m piece of this stunning dense straight-pile blue mohair in my personal fur stash for quite a while... just waiting for the right time to be turned into something amazing. Seems to be a little bit of a theme this month - finally utilising materials I have been holding onto for way too long!

So I sat down last week and drew up two very different critters. I didn't know if I'd make them together, or individually. But as I was working on them, it became apparent that they did look quite good together - so we made them at the same time to allow us to photograph them together too.

The bunny is called 'Baxter' and is predominantly made from the gorgeous blue mohair - with just a hint of white kid mohair on his cheeks and tail. The same fabric used for his paw pads and inner ears is also featured on his ruffle colar.

Baxter has hand painted glass eyes and is a one of a kind artist bunny. He is available in our etsy store. 

And this big lanky boy is 'Beau'. Made in a mix of the blue mohair and a pretty South African white mohair with sublte blue tips (bit hard to make out in the photo).

We've also given Beau a pair of hand-painted glass eyes and cut him from our lanky 'Kanoa' pattern.

 Beau is also a one of a kind artist bear, and is available via our etsy store


  1. Wow, Emma, they are so gorgeous! I love these colours. Hugs, Iris :-)