Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween Collection 2013

Aww, look how sweet these 5 little cuties are. How are they Halloween bears...? 

THIS is how!!! These creepy little guys are the other-side of the bears in the first photo, made from our bizarre and unique 'Flop-About-Bear' design. We've used handmade Russian glass eyes and added droopy layers of sculpted polymer clay eye-lids to help with the effect. Given them 'rotting' embroidered noses, ultra suede fangs, balding patches and repair/stitch effects.

This little guy is 'Raven', made in our 'Forest Dweller' dark matted mohair.

This is 'Salem', made in our crimson/black tipped mohair 'Queen of Hearts'.

This is 'Hades', made in our 'Red Brick' matted mohair.

This is 'Fang', made in our 'Sahara' matted mohair.

And this 'Igor', made in our 'Dried Apricot' matted mohair.

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