Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bear Crafters Challenge 2013

We've decided to do something a little different this year in place of our usual 'annual giveaway' bear... so I am proposing a Bear Crafters Challenge!

The Challenge will be open to EVERYONE who'd like to join in, not just the bear-artist likers/followers on our page. We're just looking for the MOST CREATIVE version of this plain white bear!

Step 1 - choose your kit. We will offer two discounted kits for sale in our furaddiction.com store, one will contain the pattern for the challenge bear (our 'Jonas' design), the white faux fur, black glass eyes, T-pin joint set, nose thread and white paw pad material. The second option will be the same kit minus fur.

Step 2 - make up your bear. For those using their own fur, the only rule is that it must be white (can be faux fur, mohair, alpaca, wool, viscose, cotton - any fur fabric you like). 

Step 3 - detail and decorate your bear in YOUR style. You might like to use a colourful paw pad print, or give your bear some clothing, or add shading/highlighting, pull toes, use coloured eyes, a sculptured nose, give your bear claws, antique it... anything you can imagine. 

Step 4 - email a photo of your finished bear to us by the 1st July. 

We will choose the Challenge winner who will receive a $150 gift voucher to spend at furaddiction.com!

{All four bears are just slightly different variations of the same, original plain white bear. I think you guys can do even better than this and am So excited to see what you all come up with! }

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