Saturday, February 23, 2013

The latest import (almost 1.5tonne worth of fur!)

Behind the scenes here at Emma's Bears and Fur Addiction we've been busily checking fur samples and choosing colours for our newest import of deluxe faux fur. The factory we've chosen to work with are amazing, and make each of our fabrics to specification (pile,colour,backing etc) - fresh from the looms once we've finally decided on what we want!

This time around was both trickier - because we knew how much storage space 1 tonne + of fur fabric takes up!, but easier as well - because we also knew we wanted brighter colours and lush piles. So we placed our order for 14 new lines, and waited.
And waited.

And waited!

And a lot of you were waiting patiently alongside us! (It takes a long time to send a shipping container half way around the world!).

Then on the Thursday we got the phone call we were waiting for - the container had cleared customs and was ours to unload the following day. But we only had ONE day to get it empty! (and the holding yard owners wanted to leave after lunch time. It was Friday after all!).

The photo above shows the container as we first arrived and opened it up. Each one of those rolls holds about 25-35m of fabric, and weighs about 30-40kg! They are LONG, and awkward and didn't quite fit in the back of our ute (as you can see in the photo below!). It just made it an extra challenge to load as many rolls as safely possible with each trip. We used a lot of tie-down straps! We also had the extra challenge of working against the weather which was threatening to pour down at any minute. We had the weather radar images on our phones as we were travelling. It was quite a mission! But so much fun at the same time.

Nothing beats cutting back those hessian sacks to reveal the array of gorgeous fabrics underneath. Seriously better than christmas for someone addicted to fur ;)

We managed to unload the whole container by 1pm. We were feeling very proud of ourselves but we still needed to cut, photograph and name each of our new fabrics. The photo above shows the storage area getting more and more colourful with each load we were packing away.

The photo below shows each of the 14 new pieces cut and stacked. (photos taken on my iphone - so not the greatest quality!).

It's an interesting position to be in, being a bear maker as well as a fabric importer. We have quite literally have TONNES of fabric at our disposal, and I have so many ideas whizzing around my head that it's a bit of an art to keep it all in balance and not get too overwhelmed. But I must say, every time I look at this picture the ideas kick off again, and the whizzing doesn't want to be contained. You guys will just have to stay tuned for some very bright bears and critters coming up over the next few months I think!

We decided to do another 'name the fur, win a 1/4m' game on our facebook page again shortly after we'd gotten all the pieces photographed. You guys came up with some amazing names - names that Mark and I would never have thought of ourselves, so thank you so much.

We now have each of the new fabrics available on our website The new pieces are also available in etsy - but the sizes are a little more limited as we've been prioritizing the website. Each of the individual photos of the fabrics are available below, along with their listing links. Sizes are available from 1/8m pieces all the way up to bulk orders of 10m+.

And the two main colour ranges together to show contrast. Please note that these colours will look different on different computers. Use the images as a guide only.

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