Sunday, December 30, 2012

The last bears for 2012!

This is our latest creation - little 4" 'Mallory'. I dreamed her up after finding this gorgeous mini chair during my christmas shopping expeditions. I pictured Mallory immediately - and she is one of the few bears who have actually finished the way I imagined when I started.

Mallory has since been adopted, but we are making her kit available for purchase (same mohair, eyes, joints and pattern - we just don't supply the mini chair!).

Then, earlier in the week we made these three cheeky bears. These three are made from our soon-to-be released 'Lyric' bear pattern. It will include all the pieces and instructions to make three very different 16" bears from the same basic design - a panda (complete with eye-patch insers and darker fur strip across the chest), a traditional one-colour bear, and a face/belly insert bear. This pattern can be made in mohair, faux fur or a combo of both  - as you can see above. It has been one of my most treasured designs over the years, and it just seemed right to release this one for you guys.

(we hope to have it available for general sale in January. Watch this blog for more information!)

This big fluffy ball is 'Caleb', and he's the face/belly insert example of our new 'Lyric' pattern. He has been made in a mix of faux fur (Golden Peacock) and kid mohair (Polar). These two colours have worked so beautifully together. I'm really happy with Caleb's look. He is currently available for adoption.

This is 'Macaroon', and she's the panda version of the 'Lyric' pattern. We decided to make her in a mix of our pink (Sweetheart) and light brown (Milk Chocolate) kid mohair colours. I don't know why I didn't do this pairing sooner - she is just so yummy I couldn't not give her a food-related name!

Macaroon is adopted, but we will make her kit available once the pattern is released, or you're welcome to purchase her mohair to make your own patterns/designs.

And last (but not least!) - we have 'Marmalade', so called after the mohair of the same name! Marmalade is a stunningly vibrant bear - this mohair looks so much better made up then it does flat off the roll. We gave Marmalade some bright, shimmering hand painted eyes to make her colouring 'pop' even more, and paired the whole look up with a handmade Czech glass necklace and some modern summer clothes.

Check out that funky butt! Love the small details on the Pumpkin Patch clothing - even the smallest pieces get all the embroidery!

This is a close up of the Czech glass necklace we strung just for Marmalade - made to match her gorgeous eyes, and to sit perfectly around her neck. She looks so lovely just sitting 'in the fur' with her necklace on as well (all her clothing and the necklace are fully removable so you can choose a different look for her everyday).

And that's it for our 2012 bears - unless we somehow whip one up tomorrow... but that's not very likely!

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  1. How did you do it? I haven't sewn a bear since early December! They're all great - congratulations.