Friday, October 5, 2012


I know a few of you guys have been emailing me to ask when the dragon pattern would be available. It feels like it has been a very long time coming - but I'm SOOO happy to say that we now have the pattern ready to go! 

It's kind of more like a small booklet! We've included as much detail as we possibly could!
We've currently got the dragon pattern listed in our etsy store

We had a few hand-made wings left over from making the dragons earlier this year as well, so made up a small lot of kits. We're now down to the last one! The kits include a fat 1/4m of sparkle hand-dyed mohair, complementary quilting cotton fat 1/4m piece, T-pin wooden joint set, a skein of nose thread, hand-made wings to match the fur, the pattern (obviously! lol) and a huge 20mm pair of our hand-painted eyes, done in colours to complement the mohair and quilting cotton. 

And because I was having so much fun with painting the eyes, I did up a few extra pairs just in case anyone wanted to put together their own dragon kits. I especially love the pink/violet pair below!

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