Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fox Stoles

About this time last year my sister asked me to make a fox stole. Out of faux fur. I got to work designing a creation that would look as much like the real thing as possible, without being creepy, and without looking like you have a teddy slung over your shoulder. This was the end result. (and Laura won a fashion competition wearing her fox too! People were actually asking her if it was real.)

Recently I was asked again if I could make another one. So I did. Only this time I made three! Nothing like having a bit of choice for a customer! This guy is made in our new faux fur fabric' Golden Peacock'. I actually think this is my favourite. I just love the way the longer bits of fur fall as the fox is draped.

This guy is currently available in our etsy store too. 

This was the custom ordered one, and the one the customer ended up selecting. This isn't one of our fabrics, but one I ordered especially from the USA to complete my order. It always amazes me to think that this fur probably originated in China, then got shipped to America, then sold to me in Australia, and is now on it's way to the UK as a fox stole!

And this gorgeous, super fluffy fox is made from our 'Arctic Wolf' faux fur. I left his ears in full fur (the other two got trimmed ears). I think it gives his face a lot softer appeal, but the trimmed ears add an extra element of realism.

This guy is also available in our etsy store. You can also order a custom fox stole of your own if you would like one in a different colour/fur selection. We can make these guys in any of our new fabrics, and I think this design would look incredible made up in some of our more realistic animal furs! 

(all three fox stoles laid out. They kind of look like they've been run over! lol) 

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