Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fruit Smoothie

My latest creation! Meet 'Fruit Smoothie', made from a gorgeous piece of mohair hand-dyed by Allison of e-Teddies. The colours on this little lady are so 'edible', which was the inspiration for her name.

I was finishing her up LATE last night (early this morning) and got a little clumsy with the shading. There was that awful moment when you think you've ruined the bear in one wrong movement of the paint brush... but I was determined that she was ok and wouldn't need a new head! The little face you see before you is the result of such determination. And I think she looks great (if I do say so myself!).

I tried all my different coloured painted eye against her fur, but the green looked the best. Which set the path for her very 'fruity' colour scheme of greens/yellows/golds. I am just loving this little girl, and feel like she's the perfect way to celebrate the end of our Aussie summer!

She's currently on bearpile and etsy if you want to check out more pics/read more details about her.


  1. Emma, Fruit smoothie is just lovely. What a luscious colour. I hate it when all of a sudden the shading is heavier than you want. My heart goes into my mouth. He looks great, it looks as though he has been nosing around in the blackberry bushes.

  2. She is beautiful, and this mohair is lovely. I love how her eyes stand out so well against it.

  3. Oh, she is lovely. I think her face is perfect.

  4. ps. you can erase this message, I do not see and email for you. There is right now something wrong with your blog background. It is showing black with triangle and exclamation points. I think that means that the image that was there has been removed.

  5. She is so cute and lovely!! This fur colour is great!


  6. thanks Joanne - I noticed that myself too. I'll have to look into what's gone wrong with my background. Thanks for your comments everyone!