Sunday, December 4, 2011

Turi the Polar Bear

*** Turi has been adopted ***

This is my latest little bundle of cuteness - meet Turi the Polar Bear.

He's made from a texture white mohair/or alpaca/ or mix of both - not quite sure which! He's fully jointed and stuffed well with stainless steel shot and a touch of polyfill. This means he's quite heavy for his size, and it means he can stand on his own despite being so floppy. I love stainless steel in bears! A little goes a LONG way too!

Turi is currently available on bearpile and my own available page.

(And I just thought I'd include a quick photo of some custom rainbow guinea pigs I made last week. I've been tweaking my pattern again to make it work better for baby-proportions, and added some new features (polymer clay sculptured eyelids/noses) for extra character. I think they turned out pretty well!)


  1. Hi Emma, nice little polar bear and the Guinea pigs are so cute!! Hugs, Iris xx

  2. He is a cute baby polar bear. You have done well with the eyes of the guinea pigs.

  3. Aww, such a cute wee polar bear! Love the colourful guinea pigs too